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'Sancharam Club' is trying to save the generation from such pitiable conditions. There is a great need for such an association these days. Narrow outlook and apolaustic mentality are the main reasons behind this. We must also admit that we don't have the tradition of engaging in adventurous activities or being farsighted. Centuries ago, the Arabs, the Chinese and the Europeans made adventurous voyages across the mighty oceans and reached our shores to engage in trade with us. That was how our spices and other products reached Cairo, Damascus and the Far East. We produced not only the spices and condiments, but even constructed large hoys and boats to carry those goods to the foreign countries. However, we didn't develop any adventurous spirit or flair for trade. None of our erstwhile rulers had the vision to sell our products directly to other countries using the hoys we ourselves had constructed. They never patronized adventurous activities among their subjects. Success comes only to those who possess the spirit of adventure. Those who dare to move through the unseen and unheard paths, Thinking differently from the conventional ways can be considered adventurous. It can be seen that such adventurous people have always been successful in various fields. Hence, adventurous spirit should be inculcated among the growing generation to make them capable of attaining greater heights. It is a pity that there are very few agencies in our country to cultivate such an adventurous spirit. And their activities are confined to small adventure clubs. Many of us, do not develop a winning personality because of their fear towards many things. A misconception that they cannot do the things that others can do exists in them. By breaking this barrier of fear through simple steps, such people will achieve the courage and enthusiasm to enter into the vast world outside. They will be able to take firm decisions, aim high and thus, go forward in life. Newer and fresher sights and experiences will excite and inspire the people and urge them to dream big. This can only be possible through traveling.


Sir Syed College students benefit greatly from the generous contributions of Alumni’s. Each year, the College relies on charitable donations to help bridge the gap between tuition and actual cost of educating our students. Alumni’s' gifts provide vital resources that enhance all facets of the undergraduate experience. Promote the importance of a Higher education and provide educational grants to qualified, deserving students seeking financial aid for rising college costs; promote better scholarship; and cultivate student talents.


Golden Jubilee year of our College .. and here comes yet another nostalgic event- Sports Day.
Sir Syed College Alumni Association is all set to present this Sports Meet, which will be yet another Reunion of all those Alumnus of 50 years...
Our Retd n present Teachers, Retd n present non teaching staff are expected to join us to celebrate this Grand Reunion. Attractive inaugural Cultural Programme, Colourful March Past, Athletics, Fun Games, Karoke, Tug of War, Groufie & Selfie Contest with attractive prizes, hourly lucky dip, Mega lucky dip with prizes such as 4gm gold coin, 2gm gold coin n valuable prizes are to name a few! A non stop Programme from 9 to 5. Come prepared to spend full day with your friends n teachers.....
We will start the day with knock out games of Football n Shuttle Badminton at 7am. At 9 Cultural events like Kalaripayattu, Kolkali, flash mob etc with Shinkari Melam will mark the beginning of Inaugural function. 9.45 : March Past, flag hoisting, oath taking, Band Set n inauguration by Sri U Sharaf Ali, former International Football Player.
10.30 to 12.30 : Athletics
12.30 to 2.00: Fun Games
2 to 4 : Football final, Relay, Tug of War, exhibition match etc.
4 to 5 pm : Closing Ceremony, Mega Lucky Dip, Prize Distribution, Presentation of CHAMPIONS TROPHY to winning Region.
No Registration fee for Sports Meet. We have made arrangements with Canteen so that lunch can be had from Canteen at own cost, which will bring nostalgia of your College days.... In a nutshell, we will re-enact the Sports Day of yesteryears plus add glamour to make it enjoyable for all the Alumnus.
Sports Persons, Former General Captains, Former Students Union officials have agreed to join us on that day.
Noted Alumnus like Sri Madhusoodanan KV IG of CRPF (Retd), Dr Shakeel Ahmed IAS, New Delhi, Sri Kouser n Sri K Soman (both District Judges) (list continues...) are sure to be on the track n field to compete with us.... A rare, Golden opportunity is in the offing... Don't miss the chance to enjoy the College Campus like a student......... Promote n bring your batch mates with you.
Hoping to meet you all on 28th Jan.,

Sincerely Yours,
President : Jayachandran C V
Secretary : Shan N

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Golden Jubilee year of our College .. and here comes yet another nostalgic event- Sports Day. Read more

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