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When many of us hear a request to "Give back" to our college alma mater, we think of financial donations. But college alumni monthly programmes provide a fabulous opportunity for alumni of all ages to donate their time and experience to current students.

Monthly programmes are set up in different ways, but all are designed to connect students to alumni for professional development purposes. Students can receive advice on internships, careers, business etiquette, networking, resumes, and interviewing from those already practicing in the field. Many programs set out guidelines for professional behavior, number and frequency of meetings, and topics that may be addressed. Alumni can serve as an objective sounding board for students' ideas or ask thoughtful questions. They can share their own career paths and experiences, as well as introduce students to their place of work and range of responsibilities.

College alumni monthly programmes are typically designed to assist current students in learning about careers, meeting professionals, and successfully transitioning into a career and access to a more experienced individual to turn to for guidance, advice and direction, and to help students broaden their professional networks, enhance their classroom experience, and prepare for and acquire insights about the job search process. On the other hand, those alumni who are already out in the world of work can seek mentors by tapping into the power of their alumni networks, which connect professionals on a peer-to-peer basis. By creating these networking opportunities, colleges strengthen the bonds with the school itself as well as among their graduates, and everyone wins. However we hope that the programme will provide the foundation for an on-going friendship.

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