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Dear Friends, Greetings!
I am delighted to reach out to you through the website of the Sir Syed College Alumni Association.

As all of us are aware, Sir Syed College is an illustrious institution that has positively shaped the lives of those that entered its portals. It is a fountainhead of support to many an underprivileged student who is in need of education and moral help, as much as it is a perennial spring of learning for other students.

Dr.MP Hassan Kunhi

I am deeply humbled to be your President of the Sir Syed College Alumni Association. Since becoming a member of the Alumni Association, I have watched my predecessors work tirelessly on behalf of our alumni and our College and I know that I have very big shoes to fill. I fully embrace the opportunity and I am genuinely excited about the future of this great institution.

The alumni of Sir Syed are among the fortunate few who have had the opportunity to blossom in a cosmo-politan ambience amidst a rewarding academic environment. Life at Sir Syed is an invigorating experience that paves the way for wholesome development of personality. The inspiring academic environment, the comfortable life in the hostels, the warmth and care of the Professors, and the competitive atmosphere of extra-curricular activities nurture the students to shine as leaders in their chosen fields.

The alumni of Sir Syed are spread out across the world, holding positions of eminence. I would like to appeal to them to partake in the activities of the Alumni Association, as I am sure that the alumni can play a significant role in institution-building. We all have something to contribute to our College and our future fellow alumni at the College, so I encourage you to contact me directly if you are considering volunteering, participating in Our Alumni Association.
Let us, therefore, be discrete and righteous in thought, word and deed, and strive to uphold the Sir Syed tradition of justice, truth and love in all our endeavors.

Thank you your support as I serve as President. I will be traveling to as many alumni receptions and events as possible and I intend to reach out to alumni in each city where we host these receptions. I am looking forward to an active participation from the alumni in all the events of the Alumni Association. I look forward to speaking and working with each and every one of you to serve our SSCAA community.

Thank you.
With best regards
Dr.MP Hassan Kunhi
Sir Syed College Alumni Association

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