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Tourism in Kerala is going through a significant phase of growth and development. 'Sancharam Club' is a travel club meant exclusively for life members of the Alumni association. The club is formed with the objective of creating an awareness among the Alumni's about Tourism activities and to incorporate the Alumni's strength and potential in the development of tourism in our State. We all know that travelling provides the traveler with a lot of new and fresh knowledge and experience each time. This club aims at enlightening the generation through travels. Most of the people in India, especially in Kerala, lead a safer life than the rest of the world. It might have been so for centuries, so to say. Truly speaking, many of us are not interested in dreaming big or making adventurous moves to attain greater achievements. We are just contended with the limited sphere of a government job, and regulate our life around that. But, right now, the scenes have changed drastically. This is the era of global challenges. Only those who display the highest talent, smartness and adventurous spirit, can win these challenges. In fact, many of our lazy people are being pushed back in almost all the fields.
'Sancharam Club' is trying to save the generation from such pitiable conditions. There is a great need for such an association these days. Narrow outlook and apolaustic mentality are the main reasons behind this. We must also admit that we don't have the tradition of engaging in adventurous activities or being farsighted. Centuries ago, the Arabs, the Chinese and the Europeans made adventurous voyages across the mighty oceans and reached our shores to engage in trade with us. That was how our spices and other products reached Cairo, Damascus and the Far East. We produced not only the spices and condiments, but even constructed large hoys and boats to carry those goods to the foreign countries. However, we didn't develop any adventurous spirit or flair for trade. None of our erstwhile rulers had the vision to sell our products directly to other countries using the hoys we ourselves had constructed. They never patronized adventurous activities among their subjects. Success comes only to those who possess the spirit of adventure. Those who dare to move through the unseen and unheard paths, Thinking differently from the conventional ways can be considered adventurous. It can be seen that such adventurous people have always been successful in various fields. Hence, adventurous spirit should be inculcated among the growing generation to make them capable of attaining greater heights. It is a pity that there are very few agencies in our country to cultivate such an adventurous spirit. And their activities are confined to small adventure clubs. Many of us, do not develop a winning personality because of their fear towards many things. A misconception that they cannot do the things that others can do exists in them. By breaking this barrier of fear through simple steps, such people will achieve the courage and enthusiasm to enter into the vast world outside. They will be able to take firm decisions, aim high and thus, go forward in life. Newer and fresher sights and experiences will excite and inspire the people and urge them to dream big. This can only be possible through traveling. People should be allowed to come out of the busy life and travel. Then only their curiosity will be aroused, and they will become aware of themselves. Subsequently, they will take up new and big activities and challenges on their own. Thus, they will begin to develop their talents and do the nation proud.
'Sancharam Club' aims to show the people the beauty of the world, and point out the countless opportunities that are in store for everyone. When we begin to travel and engage in adventurous activities, it will indirectly change the condition of the country itself. The adventurous spirit would help us to become a good entrepreneur, a leader, a scientist, a sports person, an artist, a writer, a social activist, a reformer and so on. 'Sancharam Club' provides a platform for the Alumni's coming from different places to mingle with each other and interact with each other. Such activities will help us to acquire new ideas. We will also get the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with characteristics and heritage of our land. We come to realize that there are people who are greater and more respectable than US. We also come to know that there are people in the society who experience greater sorrows and problems than we do. We become conscious about the vastness and possibilities of the world around them. The adventurous and travel-thirsty people have always created history. The great adventurous voyages conducted by the western people have transformed the history of the world. The habit of travelling extensively and gathering invaluable knowledge are definitely the major factors of success in life.
The tour groups are accompanied by 'Sancharam Club' Coordinator and Alumni Executive Members. 'Sancharam Club' is duty-bound to make each trip enjoyable, knowledgeable and at the same time, safe. The club strongly believes that each Alumni is an important member of a family and an asset to the nation. 'Sancharam Club' intends to open the world of unlimited opportunities to the Alumni's and the club urges the Alumni's to grow from local personalities to world-known personalities. The mission of 'Sancharam Club' is on to mould the Alumni's into universal citizens so as to raise the honor of our nation. 'Sancharam Club' was inaugurated in 2016. The first trip was arranged in House Boat through Valapattanam River. This group is an initiative to build a travelers community for the travel lovers of our Alumni who are well travelled or want to be well travelled, to meet up, socialize, exchange travel stories and go on some trips and hikes. Those Alumni's who have registered as Life Members are eligible to be part of this Club. Tour Place, Date etc… will be published in this link and in local newspapers well in advance.
So if you like meeting people with similar travel interests, wants to travel locally and to far of lands, wants to meet other travelers and share travel stories, watch travel movies / documentaries and get inspired from travelers who have walked the less trodden paths you are at the right place. As we build this club further we can meet and discuss on the different events that can be organized. 'Sancharam Club' organizes low-budget but at the same time highly interesting and informative travels.

Sancharam Club Coordinator: Riyas K S, 09995000926



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